Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tim Holtz 12 Tags of Christmas...

I was so excited that Tim Holtz was going to do the 12 tags
again this year. I played along last year for the first time and
had so much fun doing it, if you want to join in go here.

Today was Tag No.1, after fiddling around this evening trying
to finish it off - it got changed a couple of times! This is my
final effort, not really 100% happy with it but I am calling it done.

I knew it would be difficult this year as he has brought out so
many new products this year and I do not have many of
them. Although part of the fun of this is to improvise and
use it as a creative jump start. Still when you are struggling
to do the main pieces of it then it is not quite so much fun.


Mrs. Spotts said...

I love this! I wondered if you would be doing this again, I LOVED what you did last year. Is that smoke a bit of cotton?

Lynn Stevens said...

It looks wonderful, Thats half the fun, coming up with your own twist on his tag!

Netty said...

Great twist on the tag, love it. Annette x

Deb said...

This is really pretty, Marlene! Sounds like you need Santa to bring you some new Tim supplies this year. :o) (Though you did very well using what you had on hand!) xo

Lori said...

You made great substitutions, looks spectacular! Love your house!