Friday, December 31, 2010

Finished my sketchbook!!!

I have really worked hard this week to get my sketchbook
finished for The Sketchbook Project. I am so glad that I made
this effort to get it finished before the end of the year. Above
is my front cover, just wanted something simple as a title
and to cover up some areas that had got over spray on them.
Here is one of my last few sets of pages, getting less creative
at this point because I really just wanted to finish it up. I
really did not want to send it back with any empty pages in it.
As it was I glued the pages together in sets of 2 as the paper
was just so incredibly thin. It still was hard to do inks and
paints on it so had to come up with alternatives.
On the 2 spreads where I did use some light sprays of ink the
pages really warped and buckled.

So this is my last page, kind of sums up the whole theme of
how I did my book. I did get a couple of suggestions for the
last few pages, one from my husband and one from my son. 
I am glad I was able to participate in this huge project, for
information about the traveling exhibit check here.

So now that is over what is in store for the new year ? I have 
signed up to take Ali Edwards class One Little Word. I am
about 90% sure of the word I will be focusing on. Also I
have signed up to follow Julie Fei-Fan Balzer do this.
So excited to say that she actually featured me on one of the
blogs for inspiration in her post today, that has really made
my day :)  If you scroll down to the M's you will see my blog
with one of my cards I did for the Compendium of Curiosities
challenge earlier this year.

Well I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, I am
all excited to have some creative projects ready for 2011.
What do you have planned to be creative this new year?


Lori said...

Yay! Looks great! And those classes sound awesome!
As for this year, nothing special planned, just keeping up with challenges, swaps, etc!

Deb said...

Congrats on completing your sketchbook, Marlene! I looks amazing!!!

I signed up for Ali's one word class myself, although I haven't completely decided what my word is yet.

My creative goals for 2011 will include photography - I want to learn what all those buttons on my camera can do. And also, I recently acquired a Serger sewing machine that belonged to my late mother-in-law so I need to find a class so I can learn how to use it.

All the best to you in the new year, my friend! xo

AngC said...

Your sketchbook looks great!

Lisa V said...

Yeah! Got your sketchbook finished! I like the cover. :) You should be very proud of yourself for taking on the task.

Can't wait to get working on the One Little Word and Art Journal a Day classes!

Inge said...

Hello Marlene,

congratulations on finishing your sketchbook ! Mine is almost done...
It is/ was a huge work.
Did you fill every page, even gluing two pages together ? Wow, you did a lot of pages then.

I glued sometimes five pages together or glued heavier paper in it, so I could use paint and ink.

Yours is completely different then mine, it is another theme also, but I like what I see. It's a lot more "graphical" then mine.

I see you have the same stamps of Michelle Ward as I have too :)

Can you let me know some links on previous posts about your book ?

i'm curious to see more. I sadly won't be able to visit the exhibitions... The US is a bit too far for me...:)

greetings from belgium

Anonymous said...

Love your style - very clean and graphic. Nice work! I am making a list of the All Things Tim gals who have done sketchbooks so I can make sure to look at them in person when they go on tour. Can't wait! :)

Barbara Mason said...

Congrats on completion!!! It looks wonderful...I glued 2 pages together as well & still it was a lot of work. I love seeing how different our books are - mine will be on my blog by the weekend!
Oh, I also am following your blog now-thought I had already but apparently not!