Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Compendium challenge week 7...

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Well here is my attempt at this week's challenge. It
involved alcohol ink which I always have a hard time
with, and it took a couple of attempts to get the
alcohol ink to not disappear after I had applied it,
then I saw little strands from the felt and tried to
remove them, not fun!
If you would like to play along go and visit the
lovely Linda to see what it is all about.

On another note, I have the cheap Michaels version of the
stamp set with the Eiffel Tower I used on this and every
time I use it I can never get it inked well enough to stamp
a good image. I have to try to stamp over it which never
exactly lines up. Am I the only one who is having issues
with this stamp set ?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

CCC week 6...

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I wasn't sure if I was going to get anything made before
the deadline for this week's challenge but here it is. I
really did not have much time as we just got back from
our trip last night so it was kind of a do it and don't
think too much!

I tried using one of Tim Holtz's texture fades which I only
just got my hands on, they are fabulous, such a deep
texture and this was on just regular Bazzill cardstock.
Seriously if you have not tried these you need to go
out and buy some, I guarantee you will love them :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yes, it's really me...

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Just a quick highlight from my week away, white water
rafting on the American River near Sacramento, CA. It
was a lot of fun and coming from me that is saying
something as I am terrified of going underwater. I almost
left before it started when the man in charge gave us the
talk on what could go wrong and how to cope if you fell in,
he really put me off.
Luckily though he was not our river guide and the guide
we had was great and put me right in front of him and
told me if the boat flipped he would grab me before
anyone else, what a guy :)

I will say though that you have to make sure you are fully
covered in sunscreen as I got burned across the top of my
knees, also got a blister from the paddle and a very numb
behind after sitting on the raft for a few hours.

Now I have done something I never thought I would do
and survived! Although now my family is twisting my arm
to go scuba diving - not happening!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Banner re-visited...

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Just thought I would quickly post a couple of
extra photos of my banner, it was very hard
to take a decent picture of it so had to do
it in 2 halves.

We are off on a family vacation tomorrow to
California, will be gone just over a week so
hope to be able to still make the next of
Linda's challenges :0

Canvas banner...

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While my son was away on his trip I found this canvas
banner from Maya Rd and decided to use it instead of
it just being hidden away. I used some Tim Holtz
Distress Inks to ink the background of each little triangle,
using one of his masks on each one to give the flourish.
I then stamped the word "artist" across the banner and
added various different text stamps on top of the letters.

I liked how it looked at that point but knew it needed a
little something else, I die cut some flowers out of an
old pair of jeans, lol! I used a little Smooch Spritz on
top of the flowers, it really adds a lot of sparkle but you
cannot see it that well in the photos. Finished it off with
a few small metal embellishments then tied it all together
with ribbon.
Now my dilemma is I have nowhere to hang it :(

If anyone has questions on the colours/products I used
please just ask, the picture really does not show the
colours that well.
I have to say that the distress inks went on the canvas
so easily, they really work well together.

Monday, July 12, 2010

CCC Week 5...

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Here is my attempt at this weeks technique, make sure
you have the book and then go to Linda's blog to see
what challenge she has set for this week.

All I can say is that it needed Distress Embossing Powder
which I did not have so had to run out and buy a jar of it.
I had tried this powder before and really did not get the
hang of it and sorry to say I still don't, perhaps I need
some one on one time with Tim so that I can get to love
this product.

I will say that I loved the new colour of distress ink that I
used, Pumice Stone, it is hard to describe as it looks like
it would be gray but comes out kind of tan. I used it to
ink the background and also to stamp the flourishes, it
definitely looks grayer when used to stamp with. 

I have really been enjoying doing these challenges as it is
making me use up my stuff and I am getting to try things
I normally would not do, thanks Linda for organizing this :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

What's with all the birds?

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that is what my son keeps asking me as a lot of my art
projects this year have had birds in them. I think right
now it is a big trend in shadow boxes and altered art,
I like them so I am happy :)

This was my finished shadow box from a class I took
yesterday with the wonderful Mike & Lesley. We
had the choice of leaving our shadow box white or using
some of the new Tim Holtz tissue tape to cover it and
then inking and painting on top of that. As you can
imagine everyone in the class chose to use the tape,
it is a really cool product to use but I have not been
able to get my hands on any yet, keep hoping I will
get some soon.

The bird itself is a diecut that Mike designed and had
cut locally, so if you want one maybe contact him. He
did have some kits for sale of our project also if anyone
is interested.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Finally home...

after 24 hours of flying on 3 different flights Daniel came
home, safe and well. He had a fabulous time on his
People To People South Pacific adventure and got to do
some really fabulous things. I have obviously trained him
well as he took about 500 photos, unfortunately the
camera got broken with about 4 days left of his trip
which meant he did not have it for his scuba diving at
the Great Barrier Reef, still he will always have the memories.

I hope now that he is back my week of migraines will be
gone, it has been a rough week for me and hope that I
can get back to normal, whatever that is!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A little peek...

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of my canvas swap for the All Things Tim Yahoo group.
Sorry to be sneaky :) I have mailed these off and they
have been received by the swap hostess, Sharona. I had
fun doing them but I had them finished for a couple of
weeks just wondering if I should add just one more
thing on to them.
In the end I decided not to do that and left them as they
were, there are a lot of people who really add lots of
embellishments and I love their work but it is just not me,
I have to leave mine more simple, just my style that's all.

I might show the full reveal later, you have pretty much
seen most of it, I just did not want to show it all until the
swap was done so not to spoil anything for anyone.
However, the swap is not due until the end of the month
so if you are interested and cannot wait to see just let me know.

One more thing, if you know me you would have known
that I would have used these 2 stamps as they are my
all time favourites and they are very well loved & used.

Monday, July 5, 2010

CCC Week 4...

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Well here is my take on this weeks challenge from the
lovely Linda :)  As the challenge requires you to have
a copy of the book I cannot go into too much detail. I
will say that a couple of people mentioned to not hurry
the last step, well I think I may have waited too long
instead but I think it turned out pretty good in the end.
My issue was with my dabber paints, they have all gone
completely solid!! I spent a lot of time trying to get one to
work and eventually found one that had not been opened
which happened to be the metallic gold. Not sure that it
was the best one to use for the process but I do like how
regal looking this turned out using that colour.

So if you are up for this week's challenge go over to
Linda's blog to find out which page to turn to, and have
fun trying out this technique.