Thursday, April 28, 2011

Grungy Monday #5...

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So here is my attempt at this weeks technique, you can find out all
about it 
over on Linda's blog. This is a technique that Tim Holtz
showed on his blog back in 2008.

I actually started this on Monday and got so far then had it sitting
around trying to figure out how to finish it off. I always have an
idea of one thing that I want to use and go with that then have a
hard time trying to figure out how to add to it. For this week I
knew I wanted to use the little compass and that was my starting point.
After I did that I really had a hard time trying to figure out what
next, I found the quote and the rub-on and then was stuck. I
finally decided to add the 2 butterflies, not my usual style but I
am happy that it is done.

So what is your method when you start a new challenge or project?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

She Art girl no.6...

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Well I finally finished this one that I started last week. I am quite
with it and now have a series of girls that are a little
more modern than 
the first few I did. The last 3 girls I did on flat
canvas panels instead of on 
a  regular canvas. I prefer the flat
panels as it is easier to work on a solid surface.
Using a regular canvas can be difficult when doing stuff in the middle
you remember to put your hand behind the canvas as a support
when stamping 

So now what to do with these girls?? I am sending off 1 or 2 to a
fundraiser that Christy mentioned in class. My friend Lisa
suggested I 
could use one as a cover for a journal, I have actually
made a journal before 
using canvas panels. Although figuring out
the binding was a bit of a pain! Will have to think about that one...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Grungy Monday #4...

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Well I feel like I have been missing in action as it is now week 4
of Grungy Monday and I missed the last 2 weeks due to being
away and then catching up with life after I got home.
The lovely Linda is hosting this challenge so go over to her blog
and find out what it is all about. We are using the techniques of
Tim Holtz, some of which are using products and some are using
techniques he has shown.

So this week's technique was something that Tim introduced for
his 12 Tags of Christmas last December, if you go to Linda's blog
there is a video link there.
I am not 100% happy with my attempt but it was the 2nd tag I
did and do not want to use up too many as I only have a few of
them. I used Tim's Cracked Texture Fade, don't ask me what colour
inks I used as I kept adding more on as I did not like the original
colours I used. The bird is a stamp from Marah Johnson, sticker
is a 7 Gypsies. Not much more to say except that I need to
practice this technique until I figure out which is the best side of
the embossing folder to put the ink on!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Life is so busy...

Life is so busy these days, I have not had chance to do much art or to
catch up on my blog. Our youngest son has been busy getting ready to
do his Eagle Scout Project. We had a car wash fundraiser for him
at the 
beginning of April so he could get the money to buy supplies
for his 
project. His actual project was this past weekend and sadly
I was not 
there for it due to the fact that last October I had booked
my trip 
to Artfest in Washington state. At the time of course we had
no idea 
that he would be doing his Eagle Project at the same time.
Still I was 
there to help at his car wash and maybe one day he will
forgive me:(

I did not take many pictures at Artfest, the one above is at the beach
Fort Warden where Artfest is held. It was very cold and windy
there so 
could not stay too long. I was there trying to find a small
flat stone to 
use in one of my projects.
This is a photo of Jesse Reno, it was my favourite class of the whole
event. He was so much fun and really I would have loved to have
taken more classes with him. The whole point of this class was to
have the Freedom to Create, no thinking, just doing. The piece he
is showing is what he started working on in class, sorry forgot to
get a photo of it at the end of the day. He starts out all of his 
paintings just painting with his hands, yes I mean it. He mixes his
colours by squirting paint in his hands and then uses his hands to 
apply the paint to his piece. It was actually really fun to do, very
messy but fun. I need to do a lot more work on my piece so I am
not sharing any photos of it right now.

It was fun to be away from home and I had fun with my art friend
Michelle, she did a great job of looking after me and making sure
that I did not pick up my very heavy suitcase due to my back.
Not sure if we will go back again next year, the weather was mostly
better than when we went last year but the last 2 days were freezing.
Now it is back home and back to the chaos of real life, school stuff,
boy scout stuff, car problems, laundry to catch up on, husband out
of town again, etc....