Monday, June 14, 2010

We have a winner...

So I must have been really boring last week as I only
had a few commenter's, 5 in fact. Well I had my youngest
pull out a name from this lovely little bucket and this is
the name he pulled. Lori send me your address and I
will get the bracelet off to you in the next few days.

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On another note I felt like a winner when I met my son at
the airport Saturday night. So glad to have him home and
he had a fabulous time in England, France and Spain. My
youngest wanted to dress up to meet him and I think he
looks very spiffy! My son bought a few clothes whilst he
was in Europe. I had to laugh though when he asked me
to wash one of his other shirts and I checked the label for
washing directions, I tried to photograph it but it was so
small it came out blurry.
This is what it said "Wash this when dirty",
those European's get straight to the point, lol!


Lori said...

What???!!! I'm the winner! Thanks Marlene, and thank your son, too! I'll be in touch - didn't your son leave yesterday? Seems like it, lol. Nice to have him back safely! What an experience for a young fellow! You're doing his scrapbook, right? lol

Deb said...

Rats. I saw that there were just a few comments and I figured I had a really good chance of winning... Oh well, congratulations to Lori! ;o)

Glad your boy is home safe and sound! xo