Monday, May 10, 2010

What's all this then ??

This was the scene in my kitchen yesterday, which by the
way I was forbidden from going in to so had to take this
from far away.
My family made me a very nice Mothers Day brunch
yesterday, the boys each carved a basket out of a melon
and filled it with fruit.
They made lots of food and we still have a basket full
of fruit for today.

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Here I am with my boys right before we devour all the
food ! Not only was it delicious but I did not have to
clean any of it up, it was all taken care of for me.

I had a very nice relaxing day and now have at least a
month's supply of chocolate !
Now wondering how much pampering I will get
later on this week for my birthday :)


Lori said...

What a lucky woman you are! That's a great pic, by the way.

Lisa V said...

You are a lucky mom, that's for sure!! :)

Love the new look on the blog--good choice.