Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday musings...

Well here is another journal page in my Kelly Kilmer
journal. There really seems to be no rhyme or reason
to what I am doing on the pages, just thoughts that
strike me at the moment I sit down to make a page.
I had been saving these 2 photos from a mini calendar
I have on my desk and then saw the "Origins"
title page and wanted to use them together.

This is the only art I have done lately as I have been on
and off trying to yet again re-organize my supplies in my
craft area. I am embarrassed by the amount of stuff I
have, surely I am not alone in this ?? someone else out
there make me feel better, please :)

I have several times over the last couple of years done
a re-sort of my stuff and for a while it is great. Then I
find some other art/craft avenue that I want to try and
end up with a whole range of new supplies, where will
it all end ? So if anyone has any tips on storage and
whittling down supplies I would love to hear them.


Mrs. Spotts said...

hello! You know I can make you feel better about the amount of "stuff" that we have and really don't need. But I have no advice. i am waiting for you to sort that out so you can tell ME what to do!

I love your page and I think that you have the right idea, just make what strikes you in the moment. I love these colors...and no pink!


Nancy Lynn said...

I LOVE your page. You are really good at journaling. Way to go.

As far as gathering stuff, etc., you certainly don't want to take any advice from me because I just keep getting more and more stuff.

I organize my stuff by category, i.e., paints altogether, embellishments in organizers; paper all in one area; ephemera in one area, yarns in one area......I show a lot of this on my blog.

Lori said...

Great page, Marlene, love that ORIGIN paper. I'm not the one to ask about organizing either. I started a little over the weekend, but I tend to stop as it gets overwhelming and I get totally frustrated. But yet, I keep buying more, lol. (see post on garage sales, rofl). Nanc has good advice about keeping like items together, at least that's a starting point!