Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thrift store finds...

Well after all the fun of making my travel journal using a
game board and lots of vintage game pieces the hunt was
on to find more.
Today I met my friend Lisa and we went to 2 thrift stores
to see what treasures we could find. I found a box of
dominoes that was only half full but only cost 25 cents,
we split the dominoes between us. I also bought a big
dictionary for only $2.98, which Lisa took home with her
as I cannot bring myself to rip the pages out of it :)
So Lisa is going to do it for me and we will share the pages.
Other fun finds included a dress pattern for 25 cents and
a vintage wooden yardstick for only 45 cents !

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We headed into downtown Mesa to get lunch and saw this
sculpture that had recently been placed there. I had read
about it but did not realise just how huge it was. That is a
bank building right behind it. It does look kind of freaky
when you see the faces as they are very realistic.
After lunch we went into the Antiques Plaza and Lisa
found some more goodies which I am hoping she will
share with me :)

This was my first time going shopping at thrift stores
and it was fun to see what you could find for a real
bargain price. Look out I see a new addiction coming on !


Nancy Lynn said...

Way to go Marlene. That is so great as there is so much out there to get for cheap. Once you start finding stuff, it is hard to stop.

Lori said...

Uh oh, looks like Nanc is going to have some competition! rofl. Isn't it awesome to find stuff like that??? Love it.

Deb said...

Cool find, Marlene. My daughter and I love to go to thrift stores and estate sales. You will be hooked now just like we are! :o)

Lisa V said...

It was really a lot of fun "reliving" my childhood in the basement of the antique store---does that mean I'M an antique, too?? LOL

Since you let me take out my frustrations tearing the dictionary apart (& no lightning struck me!), I think I'll share all my goodies with you. :)