Sunday, May 30, 2010

A T!m-tastic Saturday !!!

Wow! what a day we had yesterday at the Frenzy Stamper for their 7th Birthday celebrations. Tim Holtz was teaching an all day workshop, a brand new one especially for Debbie's store. We had a wooden curio cabinet to alter and embellish. This was Tim's sample being shown around by Mario, who did a great job as usual with getting everything we needed and helping out in general.
We got to use the fabulous new Tissue Tape that is just shipping to stores, cannot wait to get my hands on some. Also the Lost & Found paper pad, and Tim very generously let us all share his French ledger papers that he got in Paris last year. You cannot imagine the amount of embellishments we had to choose from, we had a long table set up like a buffet, it was so hard to choose but the beauty was we could keep going back if we changed our minds to swap things out.
There was a lot of people who kept swapping items, me included, but the fun thing was how everyone's project turned out so incredible and all so different.
A really nice lunch was provided for us by one of the ladies at the class and there was even a birthday cake and cookies, what more could  you ask for ? I am hoping Tim will be back next year for Debbies 8th birthday celebrations, hint, hint..

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The other fun thing was that I took the class with my
very good friend Lisa, in fact she was the one who saw
the announcement about the class and signed us both up,
so glad that she gets up early :)
Lisa and I met a year ago taking a Tim Holtz class at
another store, it is amazing how art can bring people
together, now we are art class buddies and supply buying enablers!


Nancy Lynn said...

So glad you got to go to his class. It looks fantastic. His classes are always great. Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to see yours when you are finished with it.

Lori said...

Wowza, that cabinet is fabulous, can't wait to see yours! I'm sure the class was fantastic, I'm anxiously awaiting the cruise this year. It's always great fun crafting with friends!

Linda said...

Maybe it's me but I love the butterfly in the lower right corner :) TFS and I can see you had a fabulous time!

Sandi M said...

Awesome cabinet display! You are so lucky to have gotten in Tim's class. Looks like it was a blast!

Mrs. Spotts said...

Love that project! How fun to have a table of goodies to pick from. Your class sounds wonderful, now we need a picture of the project!

ps, thanks for the article, it helped me get rid of A LOT!!


KAT said...

You are one lucky lady! I could just drool - can't wait to see what yours looks like once it's finished!

Lisa V. said...

Happy Anniversary to us! LOL It's been a good year getting to know each other! :) Class was fabulous and I can't wait to start finishing my cabinet---when I can find some time. We're very lucky to be here where we have access to such fabulous instructors. Thanks for the website link--we can always use a good deal!