Monday, May 17, 2010

Fun class this weekend...

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On Saturday I took this fun travel journal class at
The Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale. We tried lots
of techniques using alcohol ink, colour wash sprays
on cheesecloth, embossing metal etc. We got to
choose all the fun little game pieces to use on the
various pages. Now I am going to have to go
searching for cheap board games to get all these
cute little trinkets myself. Using a Scrabble board
for our front and back covers was what drew me
to this book. I went with my friend Lisa, and she
finished her journal off yesterday whilst I finished
mine today.

I really enjoy taking classes and learning new techniques.
Sometimes just finding one handy tip really makes it even
better, we were given a really great tip for adding pages
into the book after we had bound it. I am going to try it
first and see how it works before passing it on.

I also enjoy taking online classes and find those can be
much less pressure on the one hand but on the other
hand maybe I don't get the project finished. So who
out there takes online classes ? 
are there some good sites you can recommend that
have interesting classes ?


n8tvtexan said...

FANTASTIC book! You have inspired me to search my older board games for some with missing pieces and attempt a book! I havent taken any online classes yet. Take that back, I sorta took one around Christmas. I still have all the emails and info I printed out. I just havent finished the project. lol See ya around ATT.

Angie Hall Haviland said...

OH WOW Marlene!! That is FABULOUS!!! Wish I had classes in my area (yes...I would LOVE online classes!!). Bet you had a BLAST!

Karen's Fun Blog said...

Love it!!! Wow is what came out of my mouth when I saw it!!

Nancy Lynn said...

I love your journal. These are so much fun to do. I have a stack of games from floor to ceiling that I have purcased from thrift stores.......scrabble, upword, monopoly, rummikub, sudoku to name a few......great boards and pieces for altered art. Yes, online classes are really great and I have taken a few of them.....I learned lots. I don't think you can beat the in person classes though because of the motivating factor to get your project done.

Lisa V said...

Nice book! :) Glad you got yours finished, too. And you've shamed me into uploading pics onto my blog.

Online classes are good but I tend to just print everything out & say I'll do it later but I never get around to it.....Big Picture Scrapbooking is still the best one I've found (thanks to you).

Lori said...

This is really cool! I've taken online classes before, my creative classroom dot com is a site that has some good ones, fairly reasonable. I agree with the others, in person is better, because you're more likely to finish the project.