Saturday, April 17, 2010

Today I feel like this...

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Aww, isn't he cute ? I went to visit my friend Lisa who
was selling her wonderful paper crafted goodness at a
local craft boutique today.
It was very hot out there today and I was there before
10am, they were predicting 91 degrees today here in
Phoenix ! It certainly feels like it.

I saw this cute little thing on my way out and could not
resist him, as truthfully I am feeling a little blue today.
Not anything major just the daily dealings of teenage
boys, anyone out there with teenagers will understand.
I wish the lady I had bought him from had given me her
card as I really liked the glass pieces she had made and
it would have been good for others to see it too.
Well I am going to try and make some art today as I now
have a few hours alone with no one here, yay !
Hope everyone is managing to do something fun this weekend.


Nanc said...

Oh my that is way too cute. I love it. Hope you get some alone time and can create something.

Lisa V said...

I'm so sorry you were feeling so blue---and I wish I'd had more time to chat with you & listen for you. Hopefully you got some creative time and brought your spirits up.

Thanks for stopping by---it WAS a hot day & I was totally ready for it to be over!! :)