Monday, April 5, 2010

Once you start, you can't stop...

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or at least it seems that way :)  I finally unwrapped the 12
new Tim Holtz Distress ink pads that I received just
before I went away. I had some time and thought I
would try them out, so I die cut some flowers and decided
to ink one for each new colour. Well of course it didn't
stop there as I thought I should do it for the other
21 ink pads I had, yes I did say "the other 21".
So with the 12 new ones I now have 33 Distress ink pads
and my issue is how to store them ?
I know I want them to be nearby and easy to get to, but
what kind of container/storage option do I have that
will fit them all in ?

Here is a picture of them on my desk in small stacks so
you cannot see the full problem of having 33 of them :)

Now I know that I am not the only one out there with this
amount of ink pads so I am looking for input on how
everyone stores their ink pads. I am in fact quite certain
that I probably have a much smaller amount in total of
ink pads than most of the people I know :)


Deb said...

Mmmmmmm...I'm loving all those pretty flowers you cut and colored!!! And look at all those ink pads! :o) I store my ink pads in a flat plastic container I picked up in the Target $1 bin. It makes it easy to flip over and store upside down too.

Mrs. Spotts said...

I have my stamps in a drawer, but I think you are right to keep them within reach. Deb's idea of a plastic container is good. Or if you have room on the wall in front of you, you could add a mini shelf with a rail, like the ones in the kitchen section of Ikea, and then line them up side by side so you can still see the colors.

daffy said...

I have a small shelf right next to my desk that holds all my ink pads, reinkers,and pearl x. along with a few other supplies that i use all of the time
I labeled my distressed inks and store them in stacks upside down on the shelf. They are easy to get to and i can see the name of each color so I know just which stack to reach for.

Julie from Montana said...

I stack mine (upside down cuz that's how I labeled them originally before I learned you don't have to & I'm lazy) on a LAZY Susan. I try to keep the stacks sort of color themed, but they don't stay that way. The important part is to stack & nest them; then you spin the Susan & voila...all pads are visible & secure. Of all the ways I've stored them, this works the best.

Nanc said...

I use those wooden cassette tape holders that hold 60 ink pads. They are right in front of me and I just grab for them. I love your flowers.

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