Thursday, April 1, 2010

Artfest, highly recommended ...

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These are photo's of the only actual project I made this
weekend. Artfest is more about learning new techniques
and experimenting than about a finished project.
The bird above was the last of my 3 classes and really
the only one that had any chance of being finished.
Due to lots of unforseen circumstances I had to finish him
off at home but really had very little left to do to him.
Not sure why I am calling the bird a him as the name
of the class was "Steampunk Lily" taught by the very
talented Julie Thompson, who I have to say was so upbeat
and positive despite things happening that were out
of her control.

This is the first art event I have attended where you
take a 6 hour class each day. It gives you so much more
time to learn and have fun trying out new things and
was so much more relaxing than events where you have
to do 3 or 4 classes in a day.

My other 2 classes were definitely about learning new
techniques, my first class of the event was about making
your own journal for an event you attend that only
needs basic supplies for, but can still make a fabulous
journal. This was taught by the very talented,
and incredibly helpful Jill Berry. I still have a lot of work
to do on this as it is the kind of thing that you fill out as
the week goes along, you really have to wait to finish it.

My other class was a lot of fun, it was playing and
experimenting with paint, markers and coloured pencils,
to make fabulous backgrounds.
The other part of this was to see what you
could pull out of the backgrounds, some people made
flowers, some fish and a lot made faces.
The class was taught by Traci Bautista, she was so
relaxed and helpful.
I have loved her funky graffiti style artwork for a while
so getting to see what her process is was great.

I felt so inspired to come home and create and go out of
my comfort zone after all these classes, I really enjoyed
the classes and met some very nice ladies there.
Now all I need is some time to get my art supplies out
and play.... hmm who is going to do my laundry,
cooking, cleaning etc so I can do that ??


Nanc said...

I just knew you would like it. It is a great experience and I have learned so much by going to these retreats. I love your steampunk Lily.

Deb said...

Oh, Marlene, I just LOVE this bird piece you created! Glad you enjoyed your time at Artfest.

I would love to get together and "play" with you sometime as well. Maybe we could meet at Paper Vineyard sometime for some craft time. :o)

Lisa V said...

Lily is gorgeous! :) Can't wait to see what kinds of techniques you learned in all the classes. Hopefully we can get together next week.

Sara Carns said...

Oh, that bird is GORGEOUS!!! Can you share/Do you know where you can get the wrap-around pewter? I've never seen that before! So fantastic; thanks for sharing! And I love her name!

Lori said...

Gorgeous piece, Marlene! Now, why didn't I do that with my egg???? lol This is way cool, and the classes sound like lots of fun and great learning!

inge said...

Hello Marlene,

you're a lucky girl to be able to experience such workshops with such talented teachers.
I bet you can create a lot the coming months with what you learned there !

Your bird is special : the pewter is nice on the bird and I also love the stands it's on.
nice piece to have in your house !

greetings from belgium

KAT said...

Love your bird - it's unique and different!!! What is the base of the bird? What a great concept - 6 hr class so hopefully you can finish what you started - I have drawers of unfinished projects!