Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Trip to the Pharmacy..

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I am at my Target pharmacy almost every week
with all the prescriptions that I have to pick up for
2 members of my family.
Now I have another one who is starting on some
medications, so today I had 4 to pick up !!

I saw that if you got one of their Target cards you
can enrol in a frequent prescription plan, after every
10 prescriptions filled you get a coupon to spend at Target.
Well I was almost half way there already today.
Obviously you have to use the card to pay for them
so as I was going through the process to get one I
realised that I had already paid with my credit card.
My very kind pharmacist said he would refund it and
we would start over. Well after going through all the
steps to enrol it turns out that I have to wait for them
to send me my card, aarghhh !!
So I got my credit card out and paid for them all over again :)

Sometimes I wonder if things like this are worth the effort.

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Nadine said...

oh dear. why there so many getting prescriptions?
the flu? :/