Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Tool, and the do's and dont's...

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Today was an exciting mail day.. I got the I-Top tool,
something I have been on and off about, not sure whether
it would be something I would use or not. Well I saw it on  for a great price,
including 2 of the punches and other extras.

First of all I found out that I should not use my circle
punch to try and punch stretchy vinyl :( 
Luckily I managed to save my punch.

Second of all it is not a good idea to use the metal tape
that has an adhesive backing as it kind of gets stuck to
things when you do not want it to.

Third of all, and most important, do not try and prise
apart the brad after you have made it......
I again was lucky and managed to re-use the parts to
make a new brad, it might not be totally round though !

I really am a gadgetaholic so it was clear that eventually
I might own this tool. The little secret I will tell you that
made me finally get this is that whilst I was on the
Tim Holtz cruise he mentioned that it was his new
favourite toy and he would be having lots of things he
would be showing with it in the future.
Now I am armed and ready so I am waiting Tim...


Lorrie Spotts said...

Ha! Well gadgetoholic, if I had known, I would have told Tim today that you are armed and ready! haha

Sherry Goodloe said...

Well, I want one TOO! Gotta go check out the website you listed.

And yes, I wish you could have been at Carson today as WELL :(

Carrie/scrapchick said...

Neat tool, cute post, lol. Interesting on him! How cool to be on cruise w/ him! He's so fun!

Sian said...

I love to see what gadgets other scrapbookers are I was peering at your photo with interest!

Lisa V said...

You crack me up!! Didn't know you were getting that--but thanks for the warnings! :) I'll remember that when I HAVE to have this tool in the near future.

Lisa V.