Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Need inspiration please ..

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Well I bought this at the antique mall about a year ago.
I had an idea to use it for our Xmas cards, but it did not
work out. It is supposed to be a postcard spinner display
but the spiral parts are very close together so it is
hard to use.

It has been sitting around all this time and I would like
to use it for something and am looking for ideas,
any suggestions ??

I have thought about dismantling it and just keeping
the crown part, after all that is what made me buy it :)

I will have a little something for anyone who comes up
with a good idea, so get your thinking caps on !


Deb said...

Boy, Marlene, that is a tough one. I love the idea of using it as a Christmas card display -- if the spirals don't work you could use clothspins or some sort of clip to attach them to the sides of the rings. ? Hm...I do LOVE the crown on top! You'll have to create a post with the final outcome of its use. :o)

Lisa V said...

Can you use it with clear acrylic frames & family photos? Not sure if they would be too large for the spirals or not.....or I would use it for hanging ribbon in my craft room! :)

Lisa V.

Sian said...

I was going to suggest ribbons too! Sorry I can't think of anything more original!