Monday, November 30, 2009

M 3

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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, nice and
quiet here :)

So for this week here are my 3 :
Thanks so much to Heidi from Simon Says Stamp for
sending out a Tim Holtz refillable Alcohol Ink pen to
everyone on our Artful Voyage Cruise. Looking forward
to trying it out and if anyone has experience with this
any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Second, tomorrow I have to go back for a more in depth
Mammogram :( not sure what happened but am hoping it
was just a glitch in the new digital photos they used.

Third, also tomorrow I am going to start my December
Daily for the first time. If anyone follows Ali Edwards blog
this is something she has been doing for the last couple
of years. You get an album set up before Dec 1st then
add notes and photos each day showing your build up
to the holidays. It has always looked like so much fun to
do so I pulled it all together last week and I am ready
to go.
If anyone else out there is doing this also I would love to know.


Deb said...

Hi Marlene ~ Good luck with your December daily. My daughter and I started putting ours together and I plan to journal beginning tomorrow, even though my main shell isn't done. I'll get there! :o)

Lisa V said...

Good for you with the December daily! My life is too boring to do something like that. LOL

I'll be thinking about you tomorrow with the mammogram while I having my OWN done.


Sian said...

Thanks for visiting the 17 blog train! I am making a start on a combined December daily/ Journal Your Christmas album today. Looking forward to seeing what you create