Monday, November 23, 2009

M Cubed...

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First of all I just wanted to thank everyone who stopped
by on the Blog Around the World this weekend. I had a
lot of fun and got to catch a glimpse of other
people's world's.

On to my 3 things for this week, the picture above is my
finished piece from my Beeswax collage class I took this
weekend. I had a lot of fun and learned some new
techniques, not sure if I am really getting the hang of it
- might need to take a few more classes.
I went with my friend Lisa who also enjoyed it and her
piece came out fantastic, I think she may be getting
some of her own beeswax :)

Secondly, I watched the movie "Up" last night, what a
great movie. Yes I know it is a Pixar animated movie
and my boys are teenagers but I had heard so many
people say what a really good movie it was, and they
were right. Be warned though you will need a few
Kleenex if you are anything like me :)

Thirdly, and the thing I am most excited about
this week.......
Adam Lambert's CD comes out today..
Since I wrote this post I have heard things about his
performance on the AMA, I did not watch it so cannot
comment, I just like his music.

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