Monday, November 16, 2009

M new regular Monday feature..

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Metallic Maya Mists...I am in love :)
I am being inspired by my blogging class and one of the
prompts was to have a regular theme that you blog about
once a week if possible. After much thought I am going
with M cubed, this will be 3 things on Monday that I am
either going to do, want to do, or new items to talk about,
not necessarily art/craft related.

I just bought 2 of the metallic Maya Mists this weekend
and now I want more... I love the Lime and have seen
that they also do Avocado which I am on the hunt for.
I tested out both the Lime and Plum and also a Memories
Mist and of course Glimmer Mist.
It is not easy to see but the Maya Mists are by far the
most glimmery. The red one is the Memories Mist and
has no shimmer at all but I sprayed on top with silver
Glimmer Mist and it is so much better. The blue one is
also Glimmer Mist, a little shimmery but not too much.

So for my other 2 things for this week, in keeping with
the 'M' theme I went for my annual Mammogram this
morning, torture is now over for another year.

The 3rd thing is Jessica Sprague's last class of the year
started today, "Holidays in Hand", looking forward to it.
I believe you can still sign up for it up until tonight so if
you want to try it, it is free, here is where you need to go.
Get over there now !

Now time to go mist something, Happy Monday !


Fiona said...

I have never tried any of the mists - might have to now! I am also doing the Holidays in Hand class.

Carrie/scrapchick said...

Neat topic! I love mists too. Just picked up some more last week. :)

lorrie Spotts said...

I like this idea! So....
1. Tried the mists too, though not to compare like you did, very nice information to know!
2.No mamogram for me yet, though not too many years away for me now!
3. I did sign up for the Holiday you know I like to sign up for stuff I don't do!! haha

sharyncarlson said...

Great list! I've been thinking about trying those mists but wasn't sure how I'd like them. You've inspired me to pick one up next time I'm at the store!

Anonymous said...

I have just one Mist and have yet to use it. I think I'll pull it out and try to experiment with it on my Journal Your Christmas album.

Kathy M said...

Like your M3 idea. I'm doing Jessica Sprague's class too.

Deb said...

Hi Marlene ~ I love the concept of M Cubed for your Monday feature. :o) I have been wanting to try the glimmer mists and just haven't gotten around to it. I REALLY want to now!!!