Monday, December 5, 2011

Days 4 & 5 tags...

Well I finally finished yesterday's tag this evening, sensing a
pattern here :)  I did not have the dies that Tim had yet again,
to see what they were go here. I did just recently get the
house dies and cut out a heart shape from it. Not really
holiday-ish but I am improvising. This took time as I had
to wait a long time for all the crackle paint to dry.

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This is the tag for today which again was a lot of improvisation. It
is about this time that I am kicking myself for not buying all of the
wonderful new products that Tim Holtz released this fall. Anyway,
I did not have the Holiday Reflections stamp but I had the first
Reflections stamp that he came out with. The technique for the
background was really cool, not sure I got it to work as well as
Tim did but I am very happy with it. Looking forward to see
what tomorrow's challenge will be for me :)


Lori said...

Well, you're a lot farther along in the tags than I am! These are wonderful Marlene, and I loved Brolley man in canvas, awesome idea!

Nancy Lynn said...

These are beautiful tags Marlene. I wish I was as motivated as you.