Tuesday, March 8, 2011

She Art Workshop...

Just a quick post to show off my first 2 finished "She Art" pieces.
The one in the dress was my first one and although I like it I
much prefer the second one I did. Maybe it is the fact that she is
in pants and not a dress, I am so not a dress person! I would live
in my jeans year round if it wasn't so hot here in the summer.

Anyway I am amazed at what I have produced with these two
pieces. Honestly I was more interested in learning the background
techniques than making the girls when I signed on for this class.
However I have to say that these girls are kind of cute, and there
are tons of them in our class Flickr group.
Christy Tomlinson is really doing a great class, tons of video
instructions, now in High Def and some really up close video
of what she is doing. Also lots of up close pictures given to
us in PDF files, several pictures of each of the projects.
She is going to re-run the class again so if you are interested then
go here to take a look.


Lynn Stevens said...

I'm really impressed with your backgrounds too! very artsy!!!
and I'm with you about the jeans thing!!! LOL
hugs Lynn

Nelly said...

These are WONDERFUL!!!! I love the first one because of the colors. But they are both really great. I saw this class and thought of taking, I may have to sign up for the second class.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Hi Marlene ~ I have to say that I just LOVE these pieces so much! I've seen them on a couple of other blogs that I follow too, and I am so happy to learn that the class is being offered again. Thanks for the link - I really want to take this class on its next go-around. Thanks for the inspiration!!! xo

Netty said...

Brilliant backgrounds and loving the jeans, its more my thing as well. Have a great day, Annette x

donna said...

Wow! Amazing backgrounds and the" she girls" are terrific. Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words.

Lori said...

Those backgrounds are stunning! I just love how you use so many layers. And your "she(s)" are terrific, too!

Kathy Eddy said...

You are really getting great at these. Love all the color and artsy look you have going there.