Sunday, March 6, 2011

Art journal pages etc...

I am so in love with this art journal page I did last week:) I cannot
explain it but it just speaks to me right now. It seems that almost
every time I do a new page in this particular journal it then
becomes my favourite. This one though just makes me smile every
time I see it, I have even thought about having a larger poster
printed from it and placing it somewhere that I can see it every
day. Not sure what the rest of my family will think as I am the only
female, lol!
Here is the first page from the small journal I made at one of
Kelly's classes last month. Usually when I make a new art journal
I never do the first page of my journal in class, in fact in the
journal above it is still blank! I am not sure why, but I think that
I feel the first page has to be great and so I put it off. I decided
this week that I need to get over that and do the first pages of
my journals, 4 out of 5 are now done, just that one left to do
- maybe this week:)
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This week I started an online class that is really a completely
different thing for me, really a little out of my comfort zone. I
started the She Art workshop. It is actually quite fun to learn
new techniques for making backgrounds and background textures
but I am not so sure about making the actual "she" part of this.
These are my first 2 in progress, I am waiting on a couple of
supplies I need before I can continue on with them. I was very
happy with my backgrounds but all the decisions involved in
what to make the girl look like was a long process. I am hoping
to get them done in the next couple of days as the next lesson
will start tomorrow. I am lucky that my good friend Lisa is also
taking this class and we got together on Friday to work on them.
Art is always more fun when you can share it with someone
who understands:)


Netty said...

Oh wow they are fabulous and can see why you love the top one, she is so powerful but fun at the same time. Left to our own devices its amazing what comes out in an art journal and what we learn about ourselves. Mine sometimes scares the heck out of Annette x

Lisa V said...

Great art journal pages---I'm always so gealous of your pages, they are so fun & have a message.

Great She Girl canvases, too!! I like it that she has no arms.....LOL And you're right, John didn't get it....

Madzie said...

Hi Marlene,
Lisa sent me over to your blog....LOVE your journal pages and your She girls look awesome.
Im taking the class too. Having fun with it and I'm looking forward to see what tomorrow's vid's bring.
I'm following you here on your blog now. Can't wait to see what you do next.

milkcan said...

I can see why you love it! It's fantastic! And so are your canvases!