Sunday, November 7, 2010

December Daily...

I love following Ali Edwards blog and seeing all the great
projects that she comes up with. One that she has been
doing for the last few years is the December Daily, to see
how she is doing it this year go here.

I did it last year for the first time and really love looking back
on the 25 day run up to Christmas. I decided I would do it
again this year and the picture above is of my album that I
put together ready to start working in. It is actually a small
binder that measures 7"W x 9"H, I loved how Ali was doing
hers this year so based mine on that, my inside pages are
6"x8" so this binder is perfect for this. I had mentioned to
, the fabulous photographer, about this and she
decided to do it too.
In fact it was when I was picking up my photos from her
that she showed me a small little binder she had found
in her office that she was going to use for this. I loved
that idea and found something similar at an office supply store.

The picture below is my album from last year before I started
working in it. It is an 8"x8" size that is all random sizes and 
shapes inside. I used 2 pieces of acrylic for the front and back
covers and some binding rings to hold it all together. It is
definitely more eclectic and fun but I really liked the more
simple style for this year.

Is there anyone else that is going to do this project this year?
It was definitely a worthwhile album for me but you have to
keep on top of things. This is why preparing as much as
possible in advance is the best way to get it done. Take a look
at Ali's posts about this project and think about doing it too.

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Lori said...

Looks great so far, Marlene! Love the patterned paper.