Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Sketchbook Project 2012...

Yes I decided to sign up for this year's round of the Sketchbook
Project even after the stress of getting it finished on time this year.
If you have not heard about this and would like to know what it
is all about then please go here. For the 2011 project I did not
find out about it until late last year and received my
sketchbook in mid October. At first I was so excited to take
part in this project but once I had the book in my hands I was
nervous to start. I did start, and I finished it and sent it in on time.
In fact you can even view some of my pages online right here.
My theme last year was called "In 5 Minutes...", I decided to use
each spread to ask a question of sorts and by the last few pages
I was running out of ideas. This year I thought I would go with
something more abstract and so my theme for this year is....

I actually started my book over the weekend, shockingly I did not
make a plan for this. I just got some art materials out and started,
this is not like me at all as I usually like to think about
something for a while and then start. I was wondering as I sat at
my desk colouring in my pages, how many people plan their
projects out and how many just go for it?

I am showing off 2 of the 8 pages I have worked on. I honestly had
no idea what I was doing when I started except that I wanted each
page to be in their own monochromatic theme. After I finished the
first 2 pages it started to look like each page was a very simple
maze, so now I am thinking I may try to somehow incorporate
that into my theme.

I have high hopes this year of not getting stressed out about this as
I have a much earlier start on it. I know a few people who
participated last year and am wondering if they will also be doing it again this year?


Lori said...

Looks great so far, Marlene! Great theme, too, it should be fun!

Netty said...

Loving this new theme of yours, looks great fun. x