Thursday, July 14, 2011

Canvas crazy...

Since I took the Larger than Life class with Alisa Burke at the
Create event in May, all I want to do is graffiti style painting on
pieces of canvas or fabric. I just finished doing Alisa's online class
"Graffiti Chic 2" which is really an extension of what we learned
in the class. I love the freedom of this type of art, you just keep
going back and adding layers and if  you don't like something
you just paint right over it! Believe me I have done that on these
canvases. Actually the piece above is done on muslin fabric with
very watered down paint, a new thing for me and I really enjoyed it.

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Now this piece is the last one I did on canvas before I did the
muslin piece. Again as with the previous ones I showed here,
to me it is not finished, needs more layers. I am just leaving them
out on view in my house hoping that the inspiration as to what to
add next will hit me. I have always been a "less is more" with my
art work, some call that "clean and simple" in the scrapbooking
world (which is where I started on this art path). So now I have
4 pieces of painted canvas and 1 piece of painted muslin, what
am I going to do with them??


Nancy Lynn said...

I can spend hours painting these canvases. I use mine for making small wallets, small clutch bags. Alisa's classes are a lot of fun.

Your canvases are wonderful.

Lori said...

Love these Marlene! You really have a talent for this type of art! Really, really, cool!

Netty said...

Oh wow Marlene these are fab canvases my friend. Have a great weekend, Annette x

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Wow, Marlene! I'm loving these art pieces so much. LOVE those circle doodles in the first piece, but the colors of the second one are some of my favs! xo