Thursday, February 17, 2011

A good art day...

Even though I am still trying to take it easy with my back I still
managed to get together a couple of times with my very good
art friend, Lisa. I managed to get over there for just a couple of
hours last Friday and started the art journal page above. I did
spend just a little while finishing it off over the weekend and
then had to rest up for a while.
Yesterday we had a longer play day and I was able to get a good
start on some pages in my newest Kelly Kilmer journal. This is a
smaller book with lots of flaps and fold outs so a new direction
for me. It is definitely going to be a challenge to figure out how
to use those pages. The page above is the front page when you
open up the journal. Not sure if I will add anything else to it, I
really like it like this.
This page is one that I had mostly done and just added the the
2 items in the middle. A fortune from a fortune cookie on top of
a clothing tag. See you can use just about anything in your art
journal, after all it is your journal so you make the rules:)

This is the last page I worked on yesterday, I just loved this little
guy and found this piece of background paper with elephants on
that was ripped out of a catalog. The sticker at the top was actually
already on the page and it just made me laugh so had to use it.
One of the things that Kelly tells you to do when you first make
your blank journal is to just add random stuff to your blank pages
so you will have something already there when you go back and
start to work in it.

I am so happy that Lisa has started art journaling with me, it is
really fun to get together and make our own art. She even feeds
me lunch, what more could you ask for:)


Lori said...

Wow! These pages are EXCELLENT! I love all the elements you incorporated, really stunning!

Lisa V said...

It's really been fun taking my art to another level---thanks for getting me into it! (I think....LOL) I enjoy having you come over to play--it IS more fun with someone else. I wish Anjie could join us, too.

If you want to call bagels're welcome!! :)

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

I love your art journal pages, Marlene. SO creative and well done. You are really inspiring me with these art journal pages...

Have a lovely weekend. Hope your back is completely better soon!!!

Lynn Stevens said...

What a great journal, Love that first page, yeehaw!

Zoechaos said...

WOW this last page especially is fantastic love that you kept the quote as well but it is the character who captures the limelite. XOXO Zoe