Saturday, February 19, 2011

CCC Week 32...

Just a quick post for the challenge over on Linda's blog. I finally
found time to work on it today. Has been a strange week here,
still trying to take it easy due to my back and had to take my
boys to a couple of appointments this week.

Yesterday my oldest son had to go in and have his wisdom teeth
out, it was a long day yesterday! Poor thing has never undergone
anaesthesia before and then had a bad reaction to the pain
medication so was in quite a lot of pain until we got that sorted
out. Fortunately he is feeling a little better today but hardly eating anything.

Well as for this week's challenge, this is actually my second
attempt at it. I did have time a few days ago but absolutely
hated what I did to the point that I tore it into pieces! Thought
if I left it for a few days I may have another attempt, I definitely
like this a lot better. I have to take it slowly and can only do so
much bending over my desk at a time. As you can see I am still
using tapes - tissue tape, washi tape, you name it I like it!

Hoping for a better week next week:)


newfiecrafter said...

This a beautiful tag love the base color you used and all the details . Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. It is funny that we both used one of the same stamps this week.

Terry said...

I love your collage of images and elements. Stunning colors! Well I sure hope that your son and you get to feeling much better!

Lori said...

Marlene, this is fantastic! I love the blue in the middle, then green around the edges, and the stamping and masking is GREAT! Love it!

wearestampers said...

Wonderful work! Love all the stamping!

Zoechaos said...

Very glad you liked this one it is fabulous love the colours the images and masking and overlaying just fabulous. XOXO Zoe

Kim said...

I love your collage! The masking came out great. I Hope your next week has everyone feeling better!

Linda Ledbetter said...

Mona has never looked so elegant, Marlene! This is wonderful and so well designed. Your masking is fabulous, and the way you layered the imagery together is brilliant.

I hope your back is much better, and that your son is hanging in there-- good to have that over with, I'd imagine!

Barbara Mason said...

Glad to hear your back is mending! Your piece is so great! Very OOLALA!!! Love Mona and I see you love all that washi tape too! I am addicted!

SannaS said...

WOW!!! Gorgeous piece!! brilliant work!! love it!! =)
Hugs, SannaS