Sunday, July 11, 2010

What's with all the birds?

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that is what my son keeps asking me as a lot of my art
projects this year have had birds in them. I think right
now it is a big trend in shadow boxes and altered art,
I like them so I am happy :)

This was my finished shadow box from a class I took
yesterday with the wonderful Mike & Lesley. We
had the choice of leaving our shadow box white or using
some of the new Tim Holtz tissue tape to cover it and
then inking and painting on top of that. As you can
imagine everyone in the class chose to use the tape,
it is a really cool product to use but I have not been
able to get my hands on any yet, keep hoping I will
get some soon.

The bird itself is a diecut that Mike designed and had
cut locally, so if you want one maybe contact him. He
did have some kits for sale of our project also if anyone
is interested.


Mrs. Spotts said...

Marlene, I love this! I love birds too. And that tissue tape (?) sounds very cool. Tim is somewhere local here today I have heard.

Netty said...

I love your shadow box, its great. Annette x

Lori said...

This is an absolutely superb piece, and you're so lucky to be able to take classes there! I know, everyone says, what's with the birds, crowns and hearts with wings??? lol. Well, that's just what I like! The tissue tape is awesome, looks great on the frame. said...

Great job! I like the change in the background paper. So glad your "fog" cleared for you to be able to finish.

Tissue tape is on it's way!! :)