Friday, July 9, 2010

Finally home...

after 24 hours of flying on 3 different flights Daniel came
home, safe and well. He had a fabulous time on his
People To People South Pacific adventure and got to do
some really fabulous things. I have obviously trained him
well as he took about 500 photos, unfortunately the
camera got broken with about 4 days left of his trip
which meant he did not have it for his scuba diving at
the Great Barrier Reef, still he will always have the memories.

I hope now that he is back my week of migraines will be
gone, it has been a rough week for me and hope that I
can get back to normal, whatever that is!


Nancy Lynn said...

What two great good looking sons you have. Maybe now Mom can relax.

inge Bekaert said...

Hello Marlene,

I can completely understand how you feel and that you had migraine !
Me too, I'm an over-worried mom ( difficult with 3 teenagers) even I know they will do fine and I know all about migraine and stress...

greetings from a mom in Belgium

Lori said...

Great news! So glad he's home safely! Sorry to hear about your migraines, hopefully you'll be better soon!