Thursday, March 11, 2010

Recovering slowly...

Urghh ! I do not get sick a lot and so this time I think it is payback time.
I finally caught the terrible hacking cough that started with my youngest, moved to my oldest, then my husband and now me. I have been sick for a week now and really, really sick of all the coughing.
My husband has been dosing me up at night with an old
prescription of his from last year. Well I finally looked at
the label and saw it said 1 tsp every 6 hours, he has been
giving me 2 tsp's !!
No wonder I have been feeling so exhausted the last few
days, he is double dosing me with this heavy duty
medicine. I still feel exhausted but I am not coughing
as much so am hoping it is going away.

On to other things. I finally decided after seeing someone else's blog, (and I think you may figure out who you are :) ), that I should sign up for Shimelle Laine"s newest class about using up all your stash.

The class actually started yesterday so I cannot get too
far behind, well hopefully not. One of the pre-class tasks
was to look at your stash and even photograph it to put
on your blog. Shimelle also asked the question why have
you not used the stuff you have bought ?
One of her suggestions was the one I think is my reason,
Are you saving your good supplies for your best photos?
That is definitely partly true for me. I buy things I really,
really like then have a hard time using them on what
seems just an ordinary layout, always thinking that
there will be a better layout to use them on.
Well I have not actually started the class yet so I hope
it will cure me of this. If you are interested in joining
me on this journey, go here , then let me know
what your reasons are for not using your supplies.


Deb said...

Hey Marlene! So glad you joined in. This is my second class with Shimelle and I really like her format. She's very open and not real strict about following along exactly as laid out...very flexible. I'll look forward to seeing what you create! :o)

Deb said...

PS: I'm sorry you have been sick! Get well soon!!!

Nanc said...

Now, you wouldn't be talking about me, would you!!!! LOLLLLLLLL

Oh my Gosh, the thought of using up all my good stuff........ I just found a bunch more at a friend's estate sale.......there is no cure for me.

The class sounds good.


Mrs. Spotts said...

I feel your pain sister! All my really good stuff has been sitting for years for those "perfect" projects. I am getting a little better...small little baby steps. lol

Anonymous said...
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