Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Plethora of Pots ...

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This was today's crop brought home by our oldest son, he
is taking ceramics in high school this year. The more pots
they make the more points they get, well they also get
graded on trying new things, different glazing, different
types of pots etc.
Today's pots are all fabulous in different ways but
unfortunately this was the only way I could take a
picture where they all fit in.

There are some unusual glazing techniques, a spiral going
all the way around one pot and some beautiful vases.
This though is the tip of the iceberg as we already
have 41 pots adorning our kitchen counter, and yes
we have a looong counter :)
We really have to figure out what to do with all of them
and he still has until the end of May to make more !!


Lorrie Spotts said...

Wow! There are a lot of pots...but I have to say, they are beautiful! Did he throw the pots too? I have a little knowledge of ceramics (long long long ago) and I have to say these are REALLY great! That boy has his momma's art gene!

Deb said...

What a beautiful collection you have! I love the different shapes and glazes on each of the pots. These could be collectors items someday! :o)

Nanc said...

Your son is very talented. I loved seeing all the variety that he produced. I did that same thing many many years ago. Thanks for sharing.