Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More metal...

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I have just finished taking my first online class from
My Creative Classroom, here is my finished piece.
It was a metal sampler so we got to try out 9
techniques and then we could display them on a canvas
if we wanted to. It was fun trying out all the new
techniques and seeing other people's take on them too.
Not sure whether or not to take the Advanced Class.

I do like all the metal out there now and have really
enjoyed watching the weekly Taco Tuesday videos from
Ten Seconds Studio. If you are at all interested in metal
and have a great sense of humour you should check
these out. I am not sure what is better seeing new
techniques or hearing them argue with each other.

1 comment:

Lisa V said...

Very nice! You did a really good job with not only the metal, but putting them all together.

One off these days I'll get mine done, too........ ;)