Monday, February 8, 2010

They sure grow up fast...

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A bit late posting about this but it was Daniel's birthday
last week, he turned 14 !! Where does the time go ?
We went out to dinner at the restaurant of his choice and
then I had this very yummy birthday cake waiting for
him. We did have 14 candles on it which he blew out
with one breath !

I did not make the cake but got it from here, we had
white chocolate raspberry flavour with the light drizzle
frosting. It was delicious, I highly recommend these
cakes if you have a family celebration. I am hoping
that if I send lots of business their way I may get
a free bundt cake !


Deb said...

I've had their cakes before and you are right! They are fabulous!! Happy birthday to your son! :o)

Lisa V said...

I was just thinking that was a beautiful cake & was gonna compliment you on your work! LOL Where are they around here?