Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Am I the only one...

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who spends all their time looking for everyone else's stuff ?
It seems to have become an epidemic in my house
recently, I constantly hear someone shouting
"Where is my ........?" then panic breaks out as it is
usually something that is needed right now.
Somehow though it is always me that manages to
find the lost article. I have decided that if the 3 males
in my house continue like this I am going to have to
start charging a Finders Fee !

So the picture above is my art journal page for the prompt
this week in my Art Journal Caravan adventure I started
at the beginning of the year. Really though it is only
loosely based on the prompt which was "Simply Me".
We were supposed to come up with something that
describes ourself, so at the moment this is how I
see myself as the Lost & Found Fairy.

So how do you see yourself these days ?

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Deb said...

LOL. This must be the curse of motherhood! It starts because when someone asks "Where's my ______" we know exactly where it is, and then they rely on that from then on. :o) Pretty funny.

Love your art journal page!