Friday, February 12, 2010

A Flip through my journal...

Well I am trying out some new technology so I apologise in advance if it doesn't work or takes so long that you die of boredom :)

I have finally finished my Remains of the Day journal from the online class I started a few weeks ago. The idea behind this journal was to use up all sorts of scraps,paper, fabric, magazine pages, food wrappers etc that come in to our homes on a daily basis and usually cause clutter. So to make use of these we get to go crazy using all kinds of stuff to make a fun journal that we can add photos, souvenirs and notes in. Here is hoping that this works, please be nice as I have never done anything like this before.

A Flip through my journal


lorrie Spotts said...

Hi there! Great great video! I love the journal, it is so fun with all the different bits added. Your sewing is great so now you just have to practice and you will start having more fun with it.

Nice video work too Marlene, no waiting for it to upload. Maybe you should let you know who from you know where in on how you do it, as that was much more pleasant than what they have going on!! haha

Deb said...

Oh, Marlene! I LOVE this project and your video turned out great. I am so inspired by this and want to make one myself.

Lisa V said...

Great job on the video! I'm impressed. :) And the journal is very cool---can't wait to see how you add photos & journaling to it.

Loved hearing where the supplies came from or that you don't have a tattoo. LOL It's interesting to hear where you got the scraps or pieces.