Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just Playing...

I feel like I have been missing in action lately. I seem to
have discovered Youtube !

I have been watching a lot of art journaling videos and
other technique videos for types of art that I am
interested in. I stumbled across a lady who has lots of
art journaling videos and she is so relaxing to watch
that I have lost track of time.
Anyway if anyone is interested in art journaling her name
is Milliande, just go here and you will see the amount of
videos she has out there.

So today I decided to try some things out, this is unusual
for me as usually when I go to my corner of the bedroom
that is my scrap/stamp/art area I am going in to work on
something specific.
Last night I painted some circles on canvas and then
today after cutting them out did some stamping and
distressing on them. I am not sure if I am happy with
them or not but enjoyed trying something new.
I also tried using some book pages and spraying with
Glimmer mist to make some flowers. Now I do not use
a lot of flowers so really do not know why I made them
but I enjoyed the process and that is what counts, right ??

I am really interested in trying new forms of art and have
not really done much scrapbooking for quite a while now.
I still love all there is about scrapbooking but I think that
trying other things is what is calling to me right now.

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Deb said...

LOVE the flowers you did! It's fun to try new things. I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos on crocheting and having lots of fun with those. That is definitely taking up a lot of my time lately.