Monday, January 11, 2010

Bind-it-all, love it or hate it ???

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I would love to use my Bind-it-all more if I did not hate
it so much !

First of all if you want to make anything that involves
punching more than one lot of holes it takes a while
to plan it out. You have to make sure you are holding
it really well so that your holes do not start to get
closer to the edge on your second set of punches.
So I have figured all that out and can punch
reasonably well now :)

My problem is that I can never bind my books so that the
wire is a nice round circle, there is always a little pointy
bit somewhere.
I have tried binding fast, binding slow read the very basic
directions over and over, even watched video's on it but
for the life of me I cannot get nice smooth round wires.
So if there is anyone out there willing to share their
binding secrets I would love to know them.

By the way the book above I just did today. I have been
wanting to make a small book documenting my son's
journey from getting his learners permit to getting
his driver's license.


lorrie said...

First of all, I hate the bind-it-all. But then again, I love what it is supposed to do. And if all goes well, I do love what it does for me. That is a big BUT Though. Funny that we have not discussed this in more detail because it sounds like you can do what I can't, lining up the holes. I can get the wire to be round. I am sure you know what I know, but I am guessing that your setting is too small if you are getting points. Also, I am guessing you must be putting your wire down like a centipede so the opening is down and the round parts are up? You must do that part right so it would have to be the setting size. At least that is my guess.

Lisa V said...

I LOVE my BIA! But I've learned to do short bits instead of one long one--I actually like the look of that. Next time you're over, we'll play a little with it--I guess it's practice cuz mine don't have the pointy bits any more. :)


Deb said...

Yep. I've had the same issues with my BIA. I use a lot of chipboard for mini-books so that means punching one piece at a time - BEFORE it's embellished otherwise it won't fit into the opening.

And, I had the same problem with the wire not ending up being nice and round. I get around that by squeezing gently, check it, squeez a little more, check it...

The concept is great, I was just disappointed that it wasn't a fool-proof method for binding. :o\