Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Back from CREATE event...

Well it seemed like I was gone for a long time, it was 5 days so I
guess it was:) I took a fabulous class with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer,
pictured with me above. It was all about carving your own stamps,
but to make them so they were layered. Basically we made 3 stamp
blocks for the image we chose. You could then ink each one a
different colour and stamp them so they layered on top of each other.
I did do a very simple image to start with and am pleased with my
first attempt. I do have some of the carving material left over so
when things calm down around here, (soon  hopefully!), I will
definitely make more stamps. Julie was a great instructor, very
helpful and fun and I am so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone
to try something new.

The next day I took a class with Alisa Burke, I was really looking
forward to trying out the kind of graffiti style that she does. It was
called "Larger Than Life" as we were to paint on large canvases. It
was really down to personal choice as to what was large for each
person. I would say my canvas was in the average of what most
people did, there were some who made their's a lot bigger. I was
just worried about how I would transport it back home on the plane.
Alisa was also a great instructor, willing to come and help you
if you were unsure of what to do next, believe me I did take
advantage of that:) The piece above is one of 2 that I did. My
other piece is more finished but I like this one better. We were
supposed to add some sort of focal point and I did on my other
piece but am not 100% happy with it, I may change it up a little
and if I do I will post a photo.

This was from my final class on Sunday morning, it was again with
Alisa, this was her Doodled Surface Design class. I did this piece
in class and you would not believe that the vibrant red
background is from one of Alisa's favourite supplies, a set of
Crayola watercolours!!

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Finally I got out my sketchbook to while away the 2 1/2 hours I
had to wait at the airport and tried to practice some of the things
that Alisa had talked about in class that day. I am actually quite
proud of this. I also started a Zentangle after this and one lady
came over to me twice to tell me how much she loved what I
was doing and had I drawn it myself!!


Lori said...

Looks fantastic, Marlene, all the projects are awesome! So glad you were able to learn something new and that you enjoyed it!

Lisa V said...

Nice! I hope you'll share some info on the whole stamp carving thing---that sounds interesting! :)

Good luck this week--it will be over all too soon.

milkcan said...

It was awesome to meet you and have you in class! Thank you again for my cool cactus pen! Much appreciated! Hope we bump into each other again!

Desi said...

Lucky you to get to go to Create! love what you have done and your sketches indeed look great. Keep creating :D