Monday, May 2, 2011

Art Journaling Fun...

Here is a fun page I did over the weekend. Two of my friends came
over on Saturday and we got to work on our art journals. I started
3 different pages but this was the one that got totally finished, the
others are still in progress. It is always fun to do art with your
friends,we get to share our supplies and ask for opinions on things.
The photo below shows our messy table filled with paints, stencils, glues, tape etc.
This is the second Saturday that we have been able to get together
and play in our journals. We are really hoping that we get to do
this on a regular basis. I recently got my friend Lisa started with
art journaling and she just loves it. So between the 2 of us we
converted a new friend Anjie to join us, we have a fun time
chatting and trying out new techniques. We have decided that
we need a  name for our art journal meetings/group, we haven't
come up with anything yet but we are open for suggestions...


Netty said...

Great page Marlene and your group sounds such great fun. Take care, Annette x

Lori said...

Wonderful page, Marlene, and it's always great to create with friends!

Lisa V said...

Wow---were we REALLY that messy??? LOL I've been trying & trying to come up with a name & I'm stumped right now.......