Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Week 13 of the Compendium challenge...

I am a little later than usual doing this weeks challenge, I
have to confess that when I saw what it was I did not want
to do it. The technique this week is all about grunge paper
flowers, shh! cannot say any more. Anyway I am not
someone who uses flowers and having seen all the lovely
flowers that people have made throughout all of these
challenges I felt intimidated to say the least. Anyway I
decided to "just do it" and this is the result.

I actually started with a different background paper and the
flower did not show up very well. I made the mistake of using
ink colours that were similar to the paper, lol! After I made
the flower I realised I had to find some other paper and
although I liked this paper it was very busy, adding the flower
on top of it made it worse. I added some of Tim Holtz's
tissue tape over the paper (sacrilege I know!) but it helped
a little. I am not sure why my flowers won't stay curled but
believe me I spent a long time curling the petals, so again if
anyone can tell me the best way to do it I would love to know. 
Hey Lori are you out there ??? you make lots of flowers so
share the secrets with me please :)


Netty said...

I think your piece is beautiful I love it all, especially your flower. x

Deanna Cosgrove said...

So cool. Love how this is all Tim! You have incorporated the Idea-olgy pieces so well and, of course, great grunge flower.

minnie_mac said...

I have to confess that like you I had reservations about doing this one too, but I love what you've done here. All the elements are great together.


Lisa V said...

NICE!!! I really like this----even the dreaded flower! LOL

Julie Forest said...

Hi, Marlene! I absolutely love what you've done here! Putting the tissue tape over the background was genius! It looks awesome!!! And your grunge flowers are so cool! Love the paper on those as well. I really enjoyed reading about your grunge flower "adventure." Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment! :)

Sue West said...

I love this Marlene. Your flower is fantastic.
Sue xx

Maggie said...

This is gorgeous and I love the flower and the colours well everything actually.

LynneForsythe said...

Well did it...and a smashing job at that!!!

Terry said...

The background paper you decided on is just perfect! Love your grungeflowers and all the elements! Very cool!

Linda Ledbetter said...

Marlene, you never, EVER have reason to feel intimidated-- your art is always wonderful! And your grunge flowers are no exception. They turned out SO beautifully! Sometimes I can't get mine to hold a curl, either, and I don't know why. Might be the type of adhesive, or the humidity level (much like my hair...). In any case, yours look fabulous!

penny4thoughts said...

Your flower is great - you had no reason to feel intimidated-I love all the different papers you used to cover the grungepaper.

donna said...

I absolutely love your piece! The embellishments you used on the flowers are perfect. I am not a flower person either but these kind are starting to grow on me. I curl mine with a skinny skewer stick. I flattened them again to scan but ended up using my camera. lol They do lose their curl quickly I found.

Lori said...

I'm here, I'm here! lol! You're too funny..Well, your flower is superb, so don't worry 'bout that! I love the different papers, I think it's delish! As far as the curling, I always use my thumb and forefinger, start at the end of the petal, and just start rolling under. Or over, whichever look you're going for. I have to do it a couple of times per petal in order for it to really take. Dampening a little prior to working with it helps too. Hope this helps, it does take some patience! (but don't give up on the flowers! yours look great!)

Sherry Goodloe said...

This is simply gorgeous Marlene *smiles*

Thank you for stopping by today. Thank you for the positive vibes sweetie.

Kathy Eddy said...

I think it turned out fabulous! I love the colors you used as well. Sometimes, I use a bamboo skewer I keep on my desk to roll my petals and I do some of them in each direction for interest. It seems to help them hold their shape better with something small instead of just rolling with my fingers.

Lynn Stevens said...

Looks awesome!!! now arent you glad you played along!

Nancy Lynn said...

I love this piece Marlene. It is just beautiful. I love working with Tim's products and love grungepaper flowers.

Brenda Brown said...

Your flower is gorgeous, love how the colours have combined together, altogether it is fabulous. I read somewhere that heating the grungepaper helps it to curl, but I haven't tried it myself.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a lovely message.
Luv Brenda xxxx

Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

Wow! I love it!
You are so creative and your work is just wonderful!
Thank you for sharing1

Plume said...

What a great book cover!