Sunday, September 12, 2010

Steampunk fun...

So what exactly is Steampunk? well according to
Mike Putman who's class I took yesterday this is
the definition :
a form of art that is Victorian, kind of Jules Verne science
fiction that incorporates the steam power of the time,
goggles, hot air balloons, gears, etc. Mike even said it
sometimes can be tied in with the punk era too.
Anyway this is what I made in class, well technically I made
all the parts in class and assembled it this afternoon at home.
This was yet another fun class given by Mike and Lesley
at Paper Vineyard, my nearest scrapbook store. We used
the new Graphic 45 Steampunk Debutante line, these papers
are fabulous if you like this style of art. I love the finished 
piece but my husband just doesn't get it, lol!

So the other thing that happened yesterday at the store is
that I finally got to meet someone who I have met in the
virtual world, aka blogging! We met whilst taking an online
class all about blogging and have kind of followed each other
and left comments back and forth on our blogs. We really 
do not live that far apart but have never got to meet yet.
Well we did yesterday, as Deb and her daughter came over
to the store, so I could pass on a book to her that I did not
need, from reading her blog I knew she was the
perfect person to give it to. The fun thing was that she had
made a little treat for me too, thank you Deb!


Lisa V. said...

That turned out really good!! I'm getting ready to post my version of it. Wasn't that a fabulous class? Mike & Lesley are so much fun & so down to earth. Where are you going to hang yours? I love the color choices you made on the embossed pieces!

Netty said...

This is out of this world fabulous, in fact its brilliant. Love it. Annette x

Lori said...

OMG, this is fabulous! I just love every detail! What a wonderful piece! And how great to meet a "virtual" friend! woohoo!

Deb said...

:o) Your piece turned out great, Marlene! It was so fun to meet up with you at PaperVineyard, and I'm glad Carrie got to come too (I suppose she's part of the package, lol). I love the book and am inspired to make some fabric scrapbooks, so thanks so much for that!!! xo

Nancy Lynn said...

I am wild about your steampunk piece. It is just incredible. You are so lucky to have wonderful stores with great classes. I love mixing paper and metal.

Terry said...

I think you got it! Wonderful Steampunk art! Love it!!!

Sue West said...

Love this fabulous steampunk creation, it's fantastic.
Sue xx
PS That UTEE heart was the product of some blood, sweat, and tears. It's about the fifth attempt. The UTEE is poured into a tiny cookie cutter, if you do it that way rather than just stick the cookie cutter into some UTEE on a craft mat you get nice rounded edges.

Lynn Stevens said...

Fabulous!!! I adore Steampunk!!!
I'm doing an entire post on Pam Kelloggs blog on Oct 1st, check it out if you have a chance. I think you'll find it interesting!