Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Home Improvement ...

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Well I certainly hope it improves :)
After the nice relaxing family time we had over the
holidays now we are on to the stressful part. Two
years ago on Christmas Eve we bought a large
screen LCD TV, ever since then my husband has
been wanting to do something to cover up the
wires and to add extra storage around the TV.
He started on his master plan yesterday and that
involved the removal of our TV, gasp and horror
on the part of our youngest son :)
If you can see the black frame in the middle
of the wall that is where our TV was.

Last night we had a great time playing a couple of new
board and card games that were received for Xmas.
Hoping we will be able to play some more to stop us
from going crazy :)

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Shannon said...

Hey need to go check out Tim's blog in case you haven't already......Congratulations.....