Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Taste of Mexico..

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Here I am using the Molcajete, a mortar and pestle made
from lava rock. The traditional sauce made in it is also
called Molcajete sauce. I took an excursion from the ship
in Mazatlan where we did a walking tour of the old town
then went and had a cooking lesson, after which we got
to eat lunch using the sauce and guacamole we made,
it was delicious.
I have to say though that it takes a lot of muscle to use
that thing, which is why I had to stand up to do it :)

Here is a different taste of Mexico, my cabin mate Michelle
and I had a great time wandering around Puerto Vallarta,
but ended up at Senor Frogs for lunch.
This was my first experience here and I have to say it was
definitely different. The food was not great but our
non-alcoholic Pina Coladas really made up for it.
Never having been to Mexico  before I found out an
interesting fact. All the waiters at the restaurants there do
not get paid by the restaurant, they only get money from
tips the customers leave.
This of course explains why we had so many wait staff looking after us.

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