Saturday, June 13, 2009

Last post...

for a while anyway. We are off this week to visit our family
back in England. We will be doing a lot of travelling in a
short space of time, planes, trains and automobiles !
I decided to make a travel journal and found this zippered
album which I thought would work well. I made several
pockets inside to hold tickets, brochures etc and stamped
journaling lines to help me keep it neat.
I am going to add to it at the end of each day so I will
have a record of what we did, who we saw and where we went.
Well that is the the plan anyway :)
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vkd1001 said...
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vkd1001 said...


I love your journal. I usually buy a journal to take on a trip with me, but have never found one like this - I like the zipper and of course all that you did to embellish it.

Hope you had a great trip, looking forward to hearing all about it.


Lisa V said...

Didn't see this before--love the journal. I'll have to make one for our trip back to IL since we're taking a different route. Thanks for the idea!!

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