Monday, October 17, 2011

The Sketchbook Project 2012...

Well I finally finished the whole thing and now I need to mail it off.
I had actually finished all of it except for the front cover back in
July. For some reason I was stuck on doing the cover, I think I was
intimidated by it, lol! Anyway last week I just decided I had to do
it whatever it ended up like and get my book mailed off. Last year
I signed up late and finished it just a few weeks before the deadline.
This year I signed up within a week or so of them opening up the
project and I wanted it done quickly.

My theme for this year was "Monochromatic", I had no plan for
this when I chose the theme and even had the book a month or
so before starting it. The book has 15 double page spreads
and then front and back pages. I am only showing a couple of
pages here but am hoping to upload them all on the website for the
Sketchbook Project.

When I finally got my book on my desk to work on it I just came up
with the idea of using varying shades of a colour on each page and
seeing what happened. I used some great border stamps and filled
them in using coloured pencils. I found out last year that the pages
were much too thin to use any kind of paints or inks and even
markers bled through. Hard to tell but for each colour I used
about 10-12 different coloured pencils on the page.

When I had done all the pages I had a thought of turning it into
some kind of maze, although some of my pages did not really
work for that. One day whilst browsing on the internet I found
a really cool little story and ended up using that through
the pages of my book. I honestly have no idea where I saw it
or who to attribute it to and I am sorry about that as it was a fun story.

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So now we get to the back page which has the last line of the story.
I am glad I finished it early and hope to mail it off this week. I am
not sure if I will do it again next year or not. Anyone else out there
doing this project this year??


Anonymous said...

I am in it this year too, and like you have been working on mine for several months. I only have a few more pages to go.
My theme this year is "Writing on the Wall," and I'm having a lot of fun with it.
I'll be sure to look for your sketchbook when I visit the library in Brooklyn for the launch.

Desiree said...

Hi there! Saw your link on Arthouse's FB post...looks like we have the same theme! It's been a fun process, but I still have to upload my progress. You've done a beautiful job :) Thanks for sharing!

Shelley Whiting said...

Really cool neat drawings. I love all the different designs. Very fun and lovely.