Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back from Art Unraveled...

Last week I was able to get away and spend a couple of days at the
Art Unraveled event held here in Phoenix. My friend Michelle
came in from Oregon for the week and we took just a couple of
classes together. This is the two of us after we completed our
books in Daniel Essig's class.

This is a closer look at my book, although I had a hard time getting
a good photo of it. The front and back covers are made with mica
so whatever paper you use underneath it looks very old and aged.
Hard to believe but the papers I used were black and white from
the 7 Gypsies Paddington line. The binding looks tricky but once
you did one set of stitches it all seemed to fall into place. I liked
the relaxed pace of the class and Daniel was a great teacher. If you
are at all into bookmaking I highly recommend taking one of his classes.

This is from my class with Chris Cozen, she is an educator for
Golden Paints and an absolutely wonderful teacher. I highly
recommend taking any class with her if you get the chance. In this
class we had to make 4 small collages on 4"x4" canvases. Everyone
was given the same small packet of materials to use and you could
choose all, or some of the supplies. Of course we all got to use the
fabulous Golden paints to first paint our canvas. We had to use the
same elements in a different way on all 4 of the canvases.
At the end we chose one to swap with someone and got to keep the
other 3, that was the hardest part of the class!

I also took classes with Traci Bautista and Kelly Kilmer which were
technique classes and not finished projects, but lots of fun!
I had a good time even though I was only there 2 days, if
you are in Phoenix next August you should look into taking a
couple of classes there.

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Lori said...

This is really cool stuff, Marlene! Love all of these projects, how fun!