Monday, June 6, 2011

Sharing some art...

It seems like so long ago now that I was at the CREATE event when
really it was just a few weeks ago. Above is the other canvas piece
that I did in Alisa Burke's class. This was the one that was more
finished but I really wasn't sure about. I have now had it sitting on
a table in my house staring at me for the last few weeks. I still am
not sure about it but my good friend Lisa thought it was so nice
that she wanted to buy it from me!
I know there is that saying about being our own worst critic so for
the moment this piece is being left as is.

I enjoyed the process so much with the canvas that I decided to
start a new one this weekend. You can see it above, this is the
stage I got it to and am now wondering how to finish this one off.
You may notice I went for completely different colours than
usual. I am a green/blue/purple person when it comes to making art.
These are my go to colours that I love to use. In fact I took a
class last fall where one of the exercises was to make a sample
chart of all the paints we had so we would not get duplicates and
could see where we were lacking. I had no orange paint,1 yellow
paint and 2 reds. I had 2 sheets full of blue paint and almost
the same of green. I found this to be a very interesting exercise,
I now own 1 tube of orange paint:)

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Finally I want to share my first page in the 3 Hearts workshop I am
taking with the very talented Christy Tomlinson. So sad that this is
the last week of class, although we will have a couple of months to
view the videos there will be no more new content added. I have
had a lot of  fun watching all of the technique videos, there were
53 of them!!!
Anyway this is my first finished art journal page but I have
a few in progress. I have seen so many new techniques with this
class it is hard to choose which one to try next.


Nancy Lynn said...

Your canvases look great Marlene. I took some online classes with Alisa and loved them. Your heart page looks great too.

Lori said...

Wow, I really love these! I need to take one of her classes, I'm thinkin'. lol. Really fantastic work on your "started" second piece, and the heart page is terrific!

Netty said...

All terrific pieces Marlene. Can't choose a favourite as love them all.

Lisa said...

And I STILL want to buy it! :)

Good job on the pink canvas---that really IS out of your comfort zone. I'm proud of you.