Friday, January 21, 2011

Re-vamped laundry room...

As promised here are pictures of our now finished laundry room
re-model. I know it doesn't sound very exciting and probably
doesn't look it either but we are very happy with the changes.
These are the new base cupboards we put in. We just had regular
cupboards here before.
We added in the tall cupboard at the end you can just about see in
the photo. We re-used the counter top that we had, my husband
took it out moved everything along to get the new tall cupboard
in then we put in the drawer cupboards and amazingly the counter
top we had fit perfectly. We had to get all the handles of course
and they work so well to pull open the long drawers.
Here is a peek inside the middle 2 drawers. I have all my paints,
mists, spray paints and brushes in one and in the other drawer
the supplies are grouped into different boxes, I have to label them yet.
This is a close up of my paint and mist drawer. I LOVE this!!! no
more kneeling on the floor and pulling out 2 or 3 containers to
get to the one I want, this just makes me so happy - obviously
I am easily amused!
This is one of the smaller top drawers that is above my paint
drawer. I had no idea that I had that many containers of Gesso
and gel mediums, hanging my head in shame :) I am blaming
it on the fact I had lots of different bins and boxes and did not
know what I had :) I do also have a lot of UTEE powders in
there but I have to tell you that those jars are only half full.
A few months ago my friend Lisa and I got into using the Melting
Pot and she got all the colours of UTEE powder and we split them
between us, see I am not that bad!

Now I have no excuse when it comes to creating as everything is
now in order and very easy to access. This has definitely got my
year off to a great start :)


Helen Mills said...

This isn't a laundry room at all missus - it's clearly an extension of your craft space....but I like your style ;-)

Helen Mills said...

Hahaha - just realised that I commented about 10 minutes after you posted this - don't want you thinking I'm a stalker or anything - guess it was just 'perfect' timing as I opened up my blog reader!

Nancy Lynn said...

This looks really cool Marlene. Wow, so organized. Enjoy and have fun creating.

Lori said...

Looks great Marlene! And it's so exciting when you have a place to call your own! Yay!

Netty said...

You laundry room looks great Marlene and those drawers...wowee how brilliant. Have a terrific weekend and have fun. Annette x

Mrs. Spotts said...

What I love most about this laundry room...that there is not one hint on laundry. Fabulous. This is my idea of a "laundry" room!! ;) I am also enjoying that all my paints now have a space and can be easily found. I used my new space every day this week to create something. I hope that you find that you do the same now that all is organized!!!


Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

You might not think that a laundry room re-vamp sounds exciting, but when you have a great place to store your craft supplies...I call that SUPER EXCITING!!! Your collection is awesome, Marlene! So glad you have it all at your fingertips now! xo

Linda Ledbetter said...

Please come remodel my house for me!

Plume said...

I love your color combination, the theme and your choice of dies. Great job!