Tuesday, October 19, 2010

CCC Week 18...

Well we are officially halfway through the Compendium of
Curiosities challenge. If you have just found my blog and
do not know what I am talking about please go to visit
and you can see what it is all about and hopefully
can join in the fun.

Now I am sure some of you are looking at my entry for this
week and saying "that doesn't look right", I can assure you
I followed the steps on page 37 exactly. I tried it first with
white but my stamp (and I really wanted to use this stamp),

just did not show up and I ended up rubbing away the top
layer of the card stock!

So I started again and used black instead, still followed all
the steps but it does not have the exact same effect as it
would have with white. Sometimes you just get an idea of
the things you want to use and you have to make it work.

The stamps are all by Unity Stamp Co. and the little piece of
map in the corner is the fabulous new deco tape that I found
at Etsy. These tapes are becoming my new addiction, I have
quite a few now and I am trying to use them whenever I can
because they are just so cool :) 

I was trying to find a deco tape that was of the London
Underground and found the Manhattan subway instead, so if
there is anyone out there that has seen a London
Underground tape please let me know. I would love to
have one, in case you don't know England is my home country.


Terry said...

Let me tell you, I had problems with the stamp I wanted to use and also lost the paint and tiny pieces of paper started showing up. I love what your end result is! It is perfect and very cool!

Sandi M said...

Makes me wonder if some stamps don't work well. I've had that problem in the past also. This time I was lucky and it worked fine. No matter, your creation is cool and I like that tape...will have to check it out.

Lori said...

Love this piece, especially love that deco tape! This is a difficult technique, I've had issues before too, not sure what the problem is. Guess that's why I'm reluctant to try it this week...yours turned out really well, though, for a rough start!

JenW!~ said...

Your piece is very cool and looks good to me. I had to give it a couple of tries before I liked the end result.

Shelann said...

I like the black, your tag looks great. I haven't tried my tag yet, so I'll keep this in mind.

Deb said...

I'm always so impressed with all the little details on these pieces you make, Marlene. LOVE the colors on this one!

Anonymous said...

This is a fabulous piece Marlene, that tape is fab! x

wearestampers said...

I didn't have any luck on my first try! I believe some stamps just don't work on this technique! Your image came out very clear!

Yelowflower said...

I love this - you got it to work so nicely. We seem to have had the same problems and fixed them the same way.

Lynette said...

I had problems with my stamp too, I either smushed to hard are not enough.LOL I love your card using the black.

Thanks for coming by my space and for the wonderful comment.

Evelyn S. said...

I think it's great! I've never felt good about putting paint on a rubber stamp, anyway.....it's tricky to get it all off afterwards!

The flourish that Tim uses in the book is tried-and-true, though.

Tracy Evans said...

Love the images on your piece and the colours are fabulous. Tracy Evans x

Nancy Y said...

Your stamps turned out Perfect! This looks Amazing! Great Job!

Netty said...

I really love this unique piece and your dabber resist is stunning in black. Fab work, Annette x

Kathy Eddy said...

I have some trouble with this tech. too, but had better luck with pearl instead of the snowcap white and I thing we need a little wetter towel to wipe with. If not wet enough, it tends to rub off I have found. Thanks for stopping buy my blog faithfully and leaving such nice comments!

minnie_mac said...

Yes, my experience with this technique is that it doesn't always work. However, I love your piece. All the elements. It's fab.


Linda Ledbetter said...

I love how this turned out, Marlene-- the black paint worked GREAT for the technique, and the card is just gorgeous! The combination of those stamp with the cool art deco tape looks awesome! The subtle stitching around the perimeter is fabulous.

One thing I've discovered with this technique is that the paint has to be just the right consistency for it to work correctly. I'm forever adding water to my Adirondack dabbers because in our dry climate, they get way too thick and won't stamp clearly. So, if you ever have trouble with a certain color of paint, you might try diluting it a little to see if that helps. This card, however, is perfect just the way it is!

Sherry said...

It's turned out lovely even if you're not entirely happy with the technique.

I've never heard of the tapes you mention. Have you tried using an actual London Underground map and making it into an image transfer using packaging tape? It leaves a slightly shiny surface, but it does work.

Rhonda said...

I think it looks fabulous!! this is terrific and that tape if pretty awesome - cheers!