Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another one...

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Well I loved my project from yesterday so much that I
decided to have another go at it, here is my Halloween
version. I must say that I really did not have a lot of
halloween stamps, so improvisation was in order.
I actually used some of Tim Holtz's seasonal grungeboard
shapes and used his crackle paint on top of them, you
can't really see that in the photo. I was also very limited
on my Halloween paper but I found some with my
favourite colour in, Purple !!
I like the two I have made but that is it for me now,
so don't worry I won't be doing another post tomorrow
with my next one.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Play day today ..

I went to my friend Lisa's house today to make this cute Xmas
project. She had very kindly bought frames and papers, I also got to try out some of her stamps, she has some really cool ones. So we stamped, inked, painted and cut out whilst  chatting and ended up with a really nice xmas plaque.

After I had finished I was going to put the dowels in
that make it stand up and discovered I had done mine
the wrong way up !!
Thank goodness my husband has all tools known
to mankind, he used a drill press to drill holes at
the bottom of it and voila - it is now fine !

I am seriously thinking of making a
Halloween one now, what do you think ??

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My next project ??

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I have been waiting for them to get this letter in at Razmataz, I have been in there several times over the last year and they have had every letter except this one in. Well today there it was, just one lonely "M". I have to say that I hate the colour and almost did not buy it, but I started thinking about painting it or inking it or metal or rub-ons.
It measures 15" high by 15 3/4" wide so it is a good size.

There are so many possiblities to choose from, or you could ask me about it in 6 months and it could still look exactly the same !

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Feeling creative...

Today I made myself a journal to do some art journaling in.
I am so proud of myself as I made it completely from
scratch, even though I have taken book classes before,
this is the first time I attempted to do this at home.
I did have a slight miscalculation in which I could not
fit in as many pages as I had hoped, but after all this
is my first one better luck next time.

I have had the decorative paper for quite a few years, I
have been saving it to use on something special.
I am seeing an idea for gifts here...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Love my lamp ...

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So I finally tidied up after finishing all of my CE
projects last week and was able to find room on
my desk for the lamp I won in the raffle there.
This cute lamp was made by Kelli Collins and it goes
really well with my Escape banner which we did at
the Technique Boutique at Creative Escape 2007.
Yes I have a lot of stuff to work with I know, and
there is more you cannot see in this picture :)
I am lucky to have this creative space which is part
of our bedroom, we have rather a large bedroom !

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Guess where I've been ?

What a fabulous weekend we just had here in Phoenix.
My friend Vanessa came in to spend the weekend at
Creative Escape with me. We had barely any sleep and
subjected ourselves to learning new ideas and techniques
for 2 1/2 days of fantastic fun. It was a great atmosphere,
great people, scrumptious desserts, it is so hard to explain
this great weekend you have to experience it.
My friend Lisa was there with her friend Linda and we were
lucky enough to be in the same group, it's a good job they
kept up so I had someone to keep pestering, lol.
So now I have 4 of my projects completed and the others are
all pretty close, hopefully I will be posting some pictures
of them by the end of the week.

Heidi Swapp and Mr Bazzill rock !! (and all the other teachers,
volunteers, organizers and helpers, what a wonderful group of people)

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